Sydney turns FOUR!!

Sydney has been anticipating her birthday for months! She thought that we were coming to America FOR her birthday...so every day since we have been here, she keeps asking when her birthday will be. Waiting 18 days has been tough!

Technically, she has already had a few celebrations along the way - but we like to stretch out the party as long as we can. She woke up to lots of balloons and streamers - with our tradition of hanging a big #4 from the ceiling. She was quite giddy throughout the entire day.

We can't believe that our youngest girlie is already FOUR! We love her joy and imagination and love of life. She is constantly talking or singing or making some sort of humming noise. She is very verbal!! She loves to laugh, and constantly asks to be tickled. She is such a goofball, and she brings such joy to our family.

For her birthday we had some friends over.....

Shared green sprinkle cupcakes....

...with cute friends....

...and celebrated our FOUR year old!! Wow! That has gone SO fast!!
We love you with all our hearts Sydney Grace!!