ears pierced!!

Eden & Sydney really wanted to get their ears pierced!! ....so, we've been waiting for the right moment: we chose to commemorate aunt Jenny's birthday by going to the mall for the ceremonial piercing. Getting your ears pierced feels like such a rite of passage for little girls, at least it was for me! I remember waiting until I was 13 to have mine pierced, but I didn't feel like implementing any time limit for our girls....they had been anticipating earrings for awhile now!

Sydney jumped into the chair first. She was so brave. She loved getting to hold the black teddy bear during the whole event! Here she is (my big four year old) pre-piercing:

getting her hair clipped back in anticipation
two seconds later!!!
Next came Eden (5.5 yrs) - who was very excited too!!
She wanted to let her sister go first, so she could decide if it would hurt too much. I guess she was convinced since Sydney didn't even wince. I was more queasy than anyone!!
Getting both ears pierced at the same time is the way to go. This bear has gotten many tight hugs!
Happy Birthday AJ!! Thanks for sharing your day with us!!