magical moments in Virginia : part 1

We have been awaiting this part of our trip for way too long!!! : Days 20-33!! We flew from Denver, CO to Fairfax, VA - where we got to spend 14 joyous days with Justin's brother & fam: Jason & Krissy! AND they have two amazing girls - Jordana & Madison, who are such beauties!! It's the best feeling to be surrounded by family at Christmastime AND have five cousins bounding through the house with their joyous giggles....well, Madison just rolled around - but our 2 weeks felt like we were magically suspended in time.

Sydney & Jordan are only 5 months apart - so they were quite inseparable the entire two weeks! They both wanted the same toys, the same food, the same hair, and on and on. It was pretty hilarious! Jordan did pretty amazing as her entire world was invaded by older cousins.... she is so sweet, thoughtful & full of LOVE! Isn't she adorable??

Madison is such a JOY!! She loved to be around the action, and she was just learning to scoot around (in a slight army crawl). It was amazing to finally meet her (7 months old now) and bond with my NEW precious niece!! I really love the stage she is in too - so snuggly & little!

I attempted to make up for lost time by taking 509 pictures to document this biennial event! Here is one of the good ones!! ...with all five cousins smiling at the same time!! Jordan & Eden look like twins!!

Here is another sweet one in front of the fireplace....
Their hair just blends together....so many cute girls!!

Taking a walk outside in the fresh snow...

Five cousins....all lined up!! (I love Madi's grin!)

Our time in Virginia was so full & sweet. We had so many fun adventures - this is only Part 1!!!