Day# 17-19: Loveland is so lovely. Two nights jam-packed with old-school buddies and a house FULL of kiddos! We played outside, made delicious food, slumber-partied, had lots of deep talks, chased chickens and raked leaves. It was so wonderful to share time with people who have kindred hearts, and who don't mind a house full of little girls: seven girls to be exact, ages 2-8!! They all got along amazingly!!

Ruby & Sydney - gathering chicken eggs!
Eden, Bella, Asia & Syd - relaxing in the hammock
Asia, Emma, Bella & Eden - cleaning the yard
Sydney, Asia, Bella & Eden - snuggling with Ginger the kitty
sweet goodbyes - Asia & Emma!
(this reminds me of two bosom friends about 15 years ago)We love you Sailer clan....and we adore your hearts!
Now off to Virginia & Washington DC for Christmas with fam!