Virginia part 5 : our final days...

Our final days in Virginia consisted of soaking up as much time together as possible! We played games, worked on puzzles, went on a double date (!), and took the girls out for "cousin haircuts"!!

Here are some cute before & after picts:

We went to a kid-haircut spot in the mall (thanks to NanPop) and each of the girls were lined up in a perfect line. Asia & Syd got their hair chopped, and Eden just wanted a trim. Cousin Jordan also got a big chop too!! I am a huge fan of short hair for the girls - so easy & carefree! Eden had so much hair that its better long...and so luxurious! She is also the ONE that allows me to braid and put up in all kinds of ways. Thank you E!!

It was a momentous occasion!

I also spent heaps of time snuggling my nieces, and staying up way too late. We wanted to squeeze in all the time possible before we said goodbye. Its so hard not knowing when we will see each other again. In the next few months J&K will be moving to Armenia for two whole years for his job with USAID. They will be closer geographically to us....but its hard to coordinate visits, with families, jobs, holidays, etc. This was one of the hardest goodbyes ever.

We had such a full, yet very relaxing trip to see some of my favorite people on this planet. It took me FIVE blog posts to summarize our two week visit!! Miss you guys so much already!!