Christmas magic in Virginia : part 4

I love holidays! I love making them special and going ALL OUT with every single detail.... and Christmas has always held a special place in my heart. This year (2010) will be hard to beat as it was so filled to the brim with childlike wonder, beauty, creativity and joyous moments being together as a family.

It was SO incredible to be reunited with our family (and some of our closest friends) J&K, as well as their two beautiful girls - our nieces! Being an Auntie has made my heart swell with even more love than I thought possible! ...which makes these visits so sweet!!

Christmas felt like it lasted over the course of three days, all just flowing together like one big dream. The house was toasty and filled with laughter, yummy smells wafting from the kitchen, and constant restfulness. It was such a beautiful time of living together in one big house, serving each other and having great conversations throughout. I felt so encouraged and challenged and loved.

Christmas Eve was so dreamy too: crafting, wrapping, baking, and lounging around in comfy clothes. I even got to watch ELF - for the first time!! Close to midnight - Nana & Poppa arrived to surprise the little ones on Christmas day! It was such a celebration! And even though the Christmas tree was overflowing with sparkly, tempting presents, the kids were more enthralled with spending time with their fam! It was really sweet to see their excitement be focused in the right place. Of course, when the time came for presents to be passed out and ripped open - there wasn't any complaints! We were so generously blessed this year.... and it was fun to give some creative things as well!!

I finally made my niece Jordan her very own rag doll. It was so fun to make with her around, as she got to see it come together, and help choose the colors for her eyes, etc. I think it made her love her doll even more!

Doesn't this picture prove her love??

We also debuted our 2nd annual family-movie : "The Christmas Story"!! Everyone played a part as we reenacted the birth of Jesus, with lots of laughter! Jason would be mad if I posted it on youtube, but let me assure you: it was good!! ....complete with outtakes and musical credits.

A huge highlight for me was waking up the next morning to find Asia reading her new Book in the bathroom on the floor. She loves her new bible, and is so enthralled with the book of Mark right now. I am beyond amazed that she is reading this on her own. Of course I invited her into our warm bed to share the joy!!

We love you JKJ&M - thanks for making Christmas so amazing this year!!

“What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life…to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories.”

~ George Eliot ~