Virginia : part 3 : Washington DC!!!

A huge highlight of our trip was a jam-packed day in the city, touring all the major sites and visiting two of the larger Smithsonian museums (Natural History & American History = both free!). The girls loved touring the exhibits and learning about animals, dinosaurs, cave people, hands-on science experiments, and some exciting cultural events in American history! I loved seeing the actual Star Spangled Banner that inspired the National Anthem, and seeing Julia Child's kitchen!!!

Asia loved ALL the animal exhibits.
Here are some ancient cave wall replicas. In front of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull - replica! One section of Julia Child's kitchen - I was in awe!!
Asia's top highlight: seeing the actual red shoes that Dorothy wore in Wizard of Oz!!My highlight: being with my nieces & girls together!!

It was very cold that day - but we still got some pictures in front of the Capital Building, and drove by many of the larger monuments too. There are so many other places that we could have gone to see - but this was perfect for our family!

The Capital building is behind us here, but mysteriously isn't showing up!Thanks J&K for being such great tour guides!!