On Day #6 we drove thru "4 Corners" - the only spot in America where 4 states meet (Colorado, Arizona, Utah & New Mexico). It was just a tourist spot - with a marker & flags, surrounded by rural desert: BUT the incredible opportunity to stand in four States at the same time and pose for a picture. :) They girls thought it was so funny, and they would keep yelling "Hi Arizona!!" (etc) across the line.

Day# 6-8: Durango! We got to stay with another incredible family of friends - and enjoy lots of conversations & laughter. We explored the city, went thrifting, visited the famous Silverton Railroad, and spent quality time with our friends. They are so down-to-earth; truly living their lives to help others. We always wish our visits could be longer....maybe we will just have to move here someday! The kids also loved bonding with old buddies...these two are only weeks apart in age, and they giggled quite a bit.

Day# 9-16: CSprings!! We spent a week reconnecting with our incredible friends in this sprawling city, and enjoyed lots of yummy food, game nights, songs, parades & refreshing conversations! We also got to meet baby Ezra for the first time, and celebrate some birthdays in style!! It was the first time we began to really relax and decompress from our 2+ years living abroad. We needed some time to recharge! We love you & miss you CS family!!

Asia, Sydney & baby Ezra

The McDoans Its always so hard to leave....