we got a Chinese desk!

In Chinese schools, each kid shares a table with another student. They sit in these neat wooden desks, with a cubby underneath. We found one at the used furniture market for $5 - and the girls LOVE it!! They are even MORE motivated to learn! You can also get a glimpse of our "classroom" which is very colorful. Lots of maps and a big window that overlooks our neighborhood.


we love the rain!!

Rain means that WINTER is officially gone, and we can wash away the coal soot - and get ready for SPRING!! We hope you are enjoying some warmer weather wherever you may be!!


learning about LOOMS

Nana -- Asia is loving her loom-kit! Thanks for all the creative things you send our way! We are learning about Looms in Egyptian culture...and it fits with where we live too! We see carpets made all over this region. Learning is FUN!!


a budding artist...

Working on a masterpiece....isn't she priceless?


Chinglish #8

I can’t find anything funny about this English, but this is not Chicken nuggets – its POPCORN!!! We were excited to find this though, since it’s hard to find good popcorn kernels! Yum!!


reading with my buddy

Capturing moments like these are priceless, especially when you find them reading the same book at the same time. These two girls are such good buddies.
Here's another one from our vacation too...