funny China

Found this at one of our favorite outdoor restaurants the other night.  
Such a paradox. 


summer haircuts

This past weekend - we decided to cut the girls hairs!!  Its been getting hotter by the day which makes it more practical to go short!  We are tempted to make this an annual tradition, though only time will tell.  It sure takes me a long time to get it cut straight...but they love coming into Mommy's Salon.  Asia's hair was so long....but she was excited for a big change!  She doesn't like brushing, washing or putting anything into her hair - so short is easy & great for her!! 
during her professional hair cut

the giddy face AFTER her haircut!

I didn't get any "before" picts of Eden - she was sleepy. 

the next day - ready for the hot weather!!

Sydney's turn!!

can she get any cuter? 


our dad is so neat!

Happy Father's Day!! 
: homemade breakfast, spiffy cards & poems, all the love we can muster! :

(let me tell you, this breakfast takes time & effort - and lots of LOVE!)

You are the best, Dad!!


eight is great.

Asia is EIGHT!! - such a beautiful beacon of joy!! This amazing little lady rises with the sun and is full of radiance. She is most giddy when she is handed a new book, or when she can play with her closest friends. She loves to work with knitting or crochet needles & yarn, and she loves to create plays and 'shows' with her sisters. She is spunky, peaceful, faithful, sacrificial, intentional, precise, sensitive: just incredible!  She is a wonderful sister, friend, daughter & cousin ~ and yet it's hard to believe she is old enough to write in cursive loops, compute fractions, make her own breakfast or knit better than me!  I try my best to remember her in the moment, and not let these years pass by without reflection.  She has changed my world in so many ways, forever making me a better person, and sharpening me beyond imagination.  

On her birthday morning, she awoke to lots of EIGHTS hung on the window, a pile of gifts, and pancakes with peanut butter, syrup and glowing candles.  She was bursting with excitement for this big day.  

I still can't believe eight years have gone by!  It doesn't seem that long ago that she was born on Thurber Lane, while poppa Joe played his guitar peacefully outside the room and both of my mom's & sister Kris prayed for her, and for ME!  Justin was my rock.  Asia was welcomed into our lives with such awe and amazement ~ a treasure to behold.  It's funny how we can block out the pain and the struggle of giving birth - but only remember the beauty and the quiet and the stillness of that moment...when time seems to stand still, and you are enveloped with more love than you can imagine.  Well, Asia Nicole taught us what it means to love outside of yourself.  Of course, we are still learning this, but it all began eight years ago.

I pray that you will bring peace to this world, sweet Asia - You belong to Him alone!  May your radiance shine brightly for others, and may your life be lived in response to His love for you.  You are a treasure to me, and you bring such delight.  You are so loved!!

We had fun celebrating her day by driving to this fun indoor pool with many of her closest friends.  She even braved the water slide for the first time today!  She is becoming quite a skilled swimmer - becoming more daring too!  We enjoyed cupcakes with her buddies, and a silly bus ride home too.

She LOVES her new American Girl doll : Kaya!  She has an intense love for all things Native American, and for the history and books that open this world up to her.  It's a joy to watch.  I love that she is eager to learn & grow.

You are a pure light in my life, Asia Nicole.
We love you!
Thankful for:
eight amazing years of life : such a gift
she belongs to Jesus
her insights into problems in the world
bright sparkling eyes
her cartwheels in the house
her attention to beauty and detail
her concerned face while she is reading a new book
how she looks forward to things with so much intensity
when she sits to read in the early morning, so quiet and focused
she and I are so much alike, its scary
her sensitive spirit and love for others
her growing independence and trustworthiness
her imaginative play
her giddy laughter
when she holds Sydney's hand when we are walking around town
her fervent love for mango tea with honey
baking with her
her brilliance


birthday prep = so much fun!!

Another summer celebration in our clan, LIFE to be enjoyed, and more desserts to be created! Asia will be EIGHT tomorrow so we are making chocolate cupcakes! She wants some sort of 'water theme' since we are going to the pool for her BIG day. I have a few hours to ponder, decide and make icing!! She can practically make her own cake nowadays - but its always fun to bake together. Its hard to believe she will be eight. She's an amazing little lady!!


June fun.... part 1

It's been a jam-packed month of visitors, finishing up our science co-op, being outside more in the great weather, and lots of reasons to celebrate. Here's a smattering of pictures to prove it!!

All three gals sipping pearl milk teas after a great week of home school

Climbing Sydney (4 1/2) wearing my old dress that my aunt Nancy made me when I was 5.

Three friends exercising, hard!

Learning about air and pressure with balloons. So much fun!

My first carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I need to make this more!!

Reunion with great friends!! Living out here creates an intense bond!!

Eating downtown with great pals (such great kids!)

Sydney makes friends everywhere we go!
....and more to come!!


2 years of ice cream!!

Two years ago today, our little ice cream shop opened ~ a great way to celebrate the June 1st Children's Day too! We brought all the kids down for a treat, and hung out with our employees a bit too. It has been an exciting two years of growth and changes in this massive Asian city! We are amazed to see more people actually recognize our name and know of our quality too!

Year #2 has brought some incredible growth as we expanded our production & delivery, and turned the little shop into a sit-down area, with extreme-sports being shown on a TV on the wall and fun music too! We even have longer hours in the summer while the sun is still awake - so please come and enjoy a sundae or double scoop!! Happy Anniversary to us!!