Webber reunion 2008

I think the last time the Webber family was together like this, was at our wedding in 2001!?! It was great to catch up with family, meet new cousins, and share a meal. The little cousins even entertained us with a “circus” after dinner! What can I say? ...I love my family…even tho we are all a bit goofy!

Cousins....Arin (3), Jasmine (6) and Asia (5).

It was extra special to me, as I reconnected with my sweet cousin – without even knowing that it had been 3 years since her father’s (my uncle) battle with cancer. I was glad to be able to share that time with her, and support her even though it was a tough day. She is an amazing daughter, mom & friend!


Fairyland in Oakland!!

Fairyland is a unique Theme Park tucked away in Oakland (worth the $6 bucks)!! – with each ride & attraction finding its theme in famous classic children’s stories. We definitely prefer this place to Disneyland – as there is zero hype & zero profit to be made off the characters. Each section of the park is based on a different story that you can READ to your kids! – Such a unique concept for some. I will admit that the park is quite run down, and a tad bit ghetto – but it’s been around for 58 years, and they manage to keep the costs down. Our girls didn’t know any better, and they loved every moment (kinda made us feel right at home in China). You can ride a carousel, climb on a pirate ship or into Moby Dick’s mouth, race thru mazes or tunnels, see farm animals & Peter Rabbit’s garden, or watch an animated puppet show. Definitely suitable for the younger spectrum of kids (under 8), and a safe family environment. The possibilities were endless…

Thanks Mom & Joe for taking us, and spending such quality time with your grandkids! They adore you both!


slipping & sliding

What a great invention! Makes me miss my childhood...yet getting to relive it again through the girls and even Justin. I love his facial expressions.

Sydney and Eden were content to splash in the puddle at the end....


why I love the Olympics

  • Every nation has the opportunity to compete and share their strengths with the world. I love the parade in the beginning - and the honor for each nation to carry their flag into the arena.
  • The costumes & uniforms are pretty fantastic, especially the opening/closing ceremonies. Who actually made those things? (I am not a fan of the bikini cheerleaders tho)
  • All the events that I never knew competed - like BMX racing, handball, & kayaking?!
  • Learning the rules behind the games. I like the nerdy details.
  • The healthy competition, and the national pride that wells up within. I love cheering for my fave! Sometimes the competition gets kinda intense - and facial expressions tell it all. Even the emotion & tears get me sometimes.
  • All the controversial judgment calls, and the drama/hype/protests that follow....but not so much when referees get kicked in the face by angry Taekwondo contestant.
  • That the Games are held in different locations every time, and we get to learn about other cultures.
  • The glow from the TV, since I hardly ever watch it. most of the time I have a cozy blanket & hot tea, so that might sway my mood.
  • Watching history in the making, as world records are broken, different countries gain recognition, team spirit is high, and new heroes are born.
  • The expectancy in 4 more years!


2 amazing friends @ "The Ranch"

I have a great friend that I have known since kindergarten: it’s amazing that we have kept in touch this long (28 years)!! She is an amazing gal – and we have such fond memories of slumber parties, horseback riding, Girl Scout Troop 1081, playing Ditch with the Spencer kids, watching Star Wars at the SC Drive In, and camping out at her family ranch…and so much more.

Another sweet friend came too – I lived with her family for 2 years in High School. We navigated puberty together, swam on the swim-team, and went to many-a-prom together. She also was the friend who convinced me to go to camp, a place that changed my life forever. I am forever grateful for the impact she unknowingly made on my life. These are 2 gals that I treasure dearly – and our men/kids get along great too (which is a bonus)!

We all drove up to “The Ranch” for a family dinner and to explore the beauty of the outdoors with our kin (the kids almost outnumber the adults!). It was such a special time for all of us – swinging in the hammock or the rope swing, jumping on the trampoline, climbing on the tractor, taking warm baths in the horse trough (yup!), and eating ice cream cones. This place is full of memories & magical times. How fun to share this with our girls.....

Asia was brave on the rope swing!!

This is Amy and her beautiful daughter Brooke!

Two girls in the sink....
Two girls in the horse trough...this should be a postcard!


more cousin love

This is a short tribute to Arin Lyn & Uriah Evan, two neat kids that happen to be my adorable niece & handsome/smooshy nephew!

I must say, being an aunt has given me new goals in life, and challenged me to love kids in a new way. I love that I get to be an extension of their family, and yet not have all the responsibilities. Basically I get to have all the FUN! In the past few weeks, we have gotten to spend time with these two munchkins - and become buddies. Arin is so adorable! Her high-pitched voice is so sweet, and she has great manners (for the most part). She is learning to share, and manage the attention of her three girly cousins. She is tough & solid - definitely the result of my brother's Army-training-for-kids. :) We even saw her doing push-ups!!

Uriah Evan - is now 4 months old, and quite the chunk. He is easy-going and content in anyone's arms. He has an amazing smile and bright blue eyes. Everyone thinks he is a miniature Ian (my brother) which seems very true! Its very fun to have a boy in the family. I hope he can handle the harem of girls!

We got to have Arin over for a Saturday afternoon, so naturally we all dressed up like princesses and took lots of pictures. We had pretend tea parties, drew pictures and threw apples over the fence for the deer. We rode bikes, had pizza for lunch and read lots of stories. These are just some of the fun things you get to do when you are an aunt (or a mom!).

...and Asia loves having someone follow her around, copying her every move.

I love being an Aunt!!


drinking fountains...

One fascination that caught us by surprise has been: Drinking Fountains.
Here in America, water is typically clean & fresh to drink – everywhere you go.

It’s easy to forget the simple conveniences that surround us here in the “land of plenty,” and my kids seem to remind me of this fact daily.

Eden: What is THAT mom?

Mom: That is a drinking fountain! Wanna try it?

Eden: Okay, what does it do?

Mom: You can drink out of it. Here, let me help you.

Eden: Whoa mom, is that fresh water?

Mom: Yup, and you can wash your hands too.

Within seconds, she runs off to tell daddy of this new discovery: (with incredible excitement), “Daddy!! I saw a drinking fountain!! You can wash your hands AND there is fresh water to drink!!” Such simple joys. They are a new favorite attraction wherever we go.


Roaring Camp

This is the best spot to visit with kids! Its FREE (esp if you park on a side street & bring a picnic lunch) and full of adventure! The entire Roaring Camp park was an old saw mill back in the early 1800's and now preserves the redwoods for generations to come. The old steam engine Trains were a huge highlight for the girls, and Eden especially wanted to "drive one." We explored the General Store, climbed on the old trains, hiked the Redwood loop and ate lunch too. It was especially fun to share the day with Jason, Kris & little Jordan-pea. Having a cousin in the mix makes everything better.

Right next door - across the railroad tracks is Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, with trails and places to climb & discover.

Some trees in this park are over 1800 years old!

All five of us hiking - photo taken by uncle Jason & his new Nikon D80.

Aren't these kiddo's precious? The youngest one on the right is Jordan, though she could pass for one of the McNabb-sistas!

And what is a trip to Roaring Camp without posing as the Sheriff, or climbing a tree??


75 cent night

Growing up in Santa Cruz, I have often taken the Boardwalk for granted. But with little children, I am given new eyes with which to see the world, and I am grateful for this place once again. The girlies rode on three dinky rides, but their eyes were wide with excitement & glee....

....or grumpy if they didn't get to sit up front.

What a neat spot to visit when the rides are cheap (75 cents per ride = 5 kuai!). I tend to notice the sturdy rides & safety belts, the cleanliness of the park and the politeness of standing in lines, but then I realize I am back in America again, that's why!

This is what the sky looked like as we drove away...

weekend bonanza with ol' pals

It’s amazing to have friends that date back to our “dating days!” - Friends that have remained close, despite the miles between us. We truly cherish friends like this – and we are so thankful for the entire weekend we spent with them. They drove 4 hours with their little kid = such devotion! This was our first chance to meet little Josiah – what a happy kid! He had so much energy and was so full of curiosity. I imagine being surrounded by so many older girls also infused him with extra vigor! He was so fun to play with, and we all enjoyed the kids’ time of bonding & interaction. Our nights were quite peaceful – as we managed to get 5 kids asleep under one roof so all us parents could talk & hang out. It’s wonderful to share time with others in similar life stages, to share challenges, joys & vision for the coming years! The weekend went too fast – but we know that friends like these are hard to come by, and that we will remain pals for generations to come. Well, at least another generation??


up the coast with fam+pals...

One brisk morning we all packed lunches and drove up the coast with fam+friends to enjoy the wide open beaches and beautiful weather. We can't seem to get enough of the ocean air and sand in our toes.

It was quite windy, but the kids didn't care. K&L were drenched within minutes, and had fun jumping over the lapping waves.

sisters & cousins

I have been especially full of joy this past 4 weeks because of the reunion with my dear friend Laura. I am continuously amazed by her heart, the ease with which we understand each other, and her life lived with such genuine love. She is a bosom friend.


Nomads reunion

Back in the day, we spent a good chunk of life becoming family with this random bunch of people - who quickly became solid friends. Many people came and went, and that is how we chose the name, "Nomads" for our crew. Its very fitting, as we have all wandered the globe far & wide: Italy, Kenya, New York, China, Japan, Texas, Kentucky, Hawaii, Uganda, and Australia. We recently planned a beach bonfire and all our kids played in the sand & surf. Its amazing to observe the variety of paths we have embarked upon, and how our kin get along so easily....even the newest additions! (12 kids in all)

It's great to reconnect with such quality friends, and pick up where we left off.

These three girls were fast friends.

Roasting 'mallows was a highlight too. Eden especially loved the s'more action.

Thanks friends for enriching our lives and being family to us. We are proud to be called Nomads, and we are eager to see where our paths may cross again.



The McNabb girls are loving spending quality time with their new cousin Jordana! She is 15 months old now, and thee cutest little girl. She has incredible blue eyes, gives precious hugs and makes some great facial expressions. She eats more food than all three of my girls combined - and she is so sweet natured. Can you tell that I am a big fan??

Here she is doing "sour lips" which she does with such ease. I also really love the sprout of hair on her head. She's amazing.

p.s. I know it isn't a real competition, but I like to think of myself as her favorite Auntie.