Fairyland in Oakland!!

Fairyland is a unique Theme Park tucked away in Oakland (worth the $6 bucks)!! – with each ride & attraction finding its theme in famous classic children’s stories. We definitely prefer this place to Disneyland – as there is zero hype & zero profit to be made off the characters. Each section of the park is based on a different story that you can READ to your kids! – Such a unique concept for some. I will admit that the park is quite run down, and a tad bit ghetto – but it’s been around for 58 years, and they manage to keep the costs down. Our girls didn’t know any better, and they loved every moment (kinda made us feel right at home in China). You can ride a carousel, climb on a pirate ship or into Moby Dick’s mouth, race thru mazes or tunnels, see farm animals & Peter Rabbit’s garden, or watch an animated puppet show. Definitely suitable for the younger spectrum of kids (under 8), and a safe family environment. The possibilities were endless…

Thanks Mom & Joe for taking us, and spending such quality time with your grandkids! They adore you both!