more cousin love

This is a short tribute to Arin Lyn & Uriah Evan, two neat kids that happen to be my adorable niece & handsome/smooshy nephew!

I must say, being an aunt has given me new goals in life, and challenged me to love kids in a new way. I love that I get to be an extension of their family, and yet not have all the responsibilities. Basically I get to have all the FUN! In the past few weeks, we have gotten to spend time with these two munchkins - and become buddies. Arin is so adorable! Her high-pitched voice is so sweet, and she has great manners (for the most part). She is learning to share, and manage the attention of her three girly cousins. She is tough & solid - definitely the result of my brother's Army-training-for-kids. :) We even saw her doing push-ups!!

Uriah Evan - is now 4 months old, and quite the chunk. He is easy-going and content in anyone's arms. He has an amazing smile and bright blue eyes. Everyone thinks he is a miniature Ian (my brother) which seems very true! Its very fun to have a boy in the family. I hope he can handle the harem of girls!

We got to have Arin over for a Saturday afternoon, so naturally we all dressed up like princesses and took lots of pictures. We had pretend tea parties, drew pictures and threw apples over the fence for the deer. We rode bikes, had pizza for lunch and read lots of stories. These are just some of the fun things you get to do when you are an aunt (or a mom!).

...and Asia loves having someone follow her around, copying her every move.

I love being an Aunt!!