Nomads reunion

Back in the day, we spent a good chunk of life becoming family with this random bunch of people - who quickly became solid friends. Many people came and went, and that is how we chose the name, "Nomads" for our crew. Its very fitting, as we have all wandered the globe far & wide: Italy, Kenya, New York, China, Japan, Texas, Kentucky, Hawaii, Uganda, and Australia. We recently planned a beach bonfire and all our kids played in the sand & surf. Its amazing to observe the variety of paths we have embarked upon, and how our kin get along so easily....even the newest additions! (12 kids in all)

It's great to reconnect with such quality friends, and pick up where we left off.

These three girls were fast friends.

Roasting 'mallows was a highlight too. Eden especially loved the s'more action.

Thanks friends for enriching our lives and being family to us. We are proud to be called Nomads, and we are eager to see where our paths may cross again.