why I love the Olympics

  • Every nation has the opportunity to compete and share their strengths with the world. I love the parade in the beginning - and the honor for each nation to carry their flag into the arena.
  • The costumes & uniforms are pretty fantastic, especially the opening/closing ceremonies. Who actually made those things? (I am not a fan of the bikini cheerleaders tho)
  • All the events that I never knew competed - like BMX racing, handball, & kayaking?!
  • Learning the rules behind the games. I like the nerdy details.
  • The healthy competition, and the national pride that wells up within. I love cheering for my fave! Sometimes the competition gets kinda intense - and facial expressions tell it all. Even the emotion & tears get me sometimes.
  • All the controversial judgment calls, and the drama/hype/protests that follow....but not so much when referees get kicked in the face by angry Taekwondo contestant.
  • That the Games are held in different locations every time, and we get to learn about other cultures.
  • The glow from the TV, since I hardly ever watch it. most of the time I have a cozy blanket & hot tea, so that might sway my mood.
  • Watching history in the making, as world records are broken, different countries gain recognition, team spirit is high, and new heroes are born.
  • The expectancy in 4 more years!