2 amazing friends @ "The Ranch"

I have a great friend that I have known since kindergarten: it’s amazing that we have kept in touch this long (28 years)!! She is an amazing gal – and we have such fond memories of slumber parties, horseback riding, Girl Scout Troop 1081, playing Ditch with the Spencer kids, watching Star Wars at the SC Drive In, and camping out at her family ranch…and so much more.

Another sweet friend came too – I lived with her family for 2 years in High School. We navigated puberty together, swam on the swim-team, and went to many-a-prom together. She also was the friend who convinced me to go to camp, a place that changed my life forever. I am forever grateful for the impact she unknowingly made on my life. These are 2 gals that I treasure dearly – and our men/kids get along great too (which is a bonus)!

We all drove up to “The Ranch” for a family dinner and to explore the beauty of the outdoors with our kin (the kids almost outnumber the adults!). It was such a special time for all of us – swinging in the hammock or the rope swing, jumping on the trampoline, climbing on the tractor, taking warm baths in the horse trough (yup!), and eating ice cream cones. This place is full of memories & magical times. How fun to share this with our girls.....

Asia was brave on the rope swing!!

This is Amy and her beautiful daughter Brooke!

Two girls in the sink....
Two girls in the horse trough...this should be a postcard!