weekend bonanza with ol' pals

It’s amazing to have friends that date back to our “dating days!” - Friends that have remained close, despite the miles between us. We truly cherish friends like this – and we are so thankful for the entire weekend we spent with them. They drove 4 hours with their little kid = such devotion! This was our first chance to meet little Josiah – what a happy kid! He had so much energy and was so full of curiosity. I imagine being surrounded by so many older girls also infused him with extra vigor! He was so fun to play with, and we all enjoyed the kids’ time of bonding & interaction. Our nights were quite peaceful – as we managed to get 5 kids asleep under one roof so all us parents could talk & hang out. It’s wonderful to share time with others in similar life stages, to share challenges, joys & vision for the coming years! The weekend went too fast – but we know that friends like these are hard to come by, and that we will remain pals for generations to come. Well, at least another generation??