drinking fountains...

One fascination that caught us by surprise has been: Drinking Fountains.
Here in America, water is typically clean & fresh to drink – everywhere you go.

It’s easy to forget the simple conveniences that surround us here in the “land of plenty,” and my kids seem to remind me of this fact daily.

Eden: What is THAT mom?

Mom: That is a drinking fountain! Wanna try it?

Eden: Okay, what does it do?

Mom: You can drink out of it. Here, let me help you.

Eden: Whoa mom, is that fresh water?

Mom: Yup, and you can wash your hands too.

Within seconds, she runs off to tell daddy of this new discovery: (with incredible excitement), “Daddy!! I saw a drinking fountain!! You can wash your hands AND there is fresh water to drink!!” Such simple joys. They are a new favorite attraction wherever we go.