rushing to beat the storm

After an emotional & teary goodbye in Virginia, we flew back to Denver for our final bit of road-tripping: three days of driving to get back to Cali for a wonderful friends' wedding! This part of our trip was very unplanned and more based on weather. Denver was beautiful and sunny - but a storm was predicted to hit the night we arrived. We knew we did not want to get stuck in snow & blizzardy weather.....so we trudged on!!!

We can honestly give most of the credit to Mr. Caramel Frappuccino who gave us the motivation to push onward. Days 34-36 were full of driving, navigating, lots of music, and SNOW!

We drove over 8 hours the first day - trying to get out of Colorado so that we might avoid the snowfall. Unfortunately....the snow began coming down, covering our world in a blanket of white. We had to drive extra slow since our van was not equipped for ice & snow. We finally made it to Green River, Utah : to a dingy trucker hotel, complete with cockroaches and beds from the 70's. The one advantage: it was cheap!! We sleep great anywhere, maybe due to the fact that we are used to hard Chinese beds. Yea!!

The next morning, we were greeted by an icy green van! We kept going....though it was very slow with icy roads, and frozen wiper fluid. We had to stop every so often to clean the windows!

I think we were in the car about 12 hours this day, slowly making it out of the snowstorm. J did amazing with all the snow & weather. It would have stressed me out to drive in this storm, and for SO long! We kept trudging on....even thru Las Vegas!! We had stayed in Vegas before, and didn't feel like doing it again. We made it to Barstow, CA for our final night in a hotel!! We were SO ready to settle down somewhere and stretch our legs!

The girls have done incredibly well this trip! They are so witty & hilarious, which keeps our car-conversation quite fun. Its tough to sit in one place for so long, but they were troopers!!

Our final day on the road (Day #36) was only 7 hours!! We were greeted by wonderful friends and a final 2010 dazzling sunset on December 31st. This is the reason to race back to California!!

I can't believe we are surrounded by such beauty!! Only 6 precious weeks left in America...