Virginia - part 2

Here are some highlights of our trip to Virginia! (warning: long post & lots of picts)

Our Vehicle : a trusty Dodge Conversion Van - lent to us by some incredible friends who live in Tennessee! They drove up, dropped off the van - and let us use it for 2 weeks!! They are so generous & thoughtful! We nicknamed it "The Ark" since we could fit two of everything/everyone inside!! The cousins loved getting to ride together everywhere we went!!

Christmas Tree : We attempted to cut down a Christmas tree - but ended up with a cheaper one @ Lowe's. They were all discounted by the time we got one anyhow!! Even so...the kids had a great time hiking in the snowy tree farm!

This one makes me smile: SISTERS!!What's really funny - is that we searched all over Fairfax, Virginia for a LIVE Christmas tree - and then it took us FOUR days before we attempted to decorate it. Maybe we have just been a little preoccupied with all the fun going on around us!! :) ...or tired from staying up until midnight!!

Christmas Tree Decorating : The girls decorated by branch & height. By looking at the end product, you can see how each lower branch was loaded down with ornaments, while the top was pretty sparse! They had a blast, that's for sure!! We also made some new ornaments this year too.

David & Cyndi : Justin's Georgia-cousins were in DC for business - and they extended their trip to come visit for 2 extra days! I (Ali) have never met them in our 9+ years of marriage - so this was extra special! They are SO fun!! The girls loved them so much too, and we enjoyed every moment with them!

All 11 of us got to visit the Air & Space Museum in Fairfax - and see hundreds of REAL vintage airplanes, fighter jets and even space shuttles!! Cousin David has served in the marines, and he was full of tour-guide-knowledge, that helped us appreciate the museum even more.

This is sad: but my only group picture is blurry. Still, we are pretty cute!

We enjoyed lots of deep conversations, yummy soup for dinner, and even a big 1000 piece puzzle!! I really love this family, can you tell??