slight detour?? The Grand Canyon!!

Day #5: After Phoenix, the plan was to drive to Albuquerque and stay with more family. They (our extended family) were still in Phoenix....so we had an extra day to spend along the way somewhere!! The map was wide open!! We opted to detour north - and visit The Grand Canyon!! Gotta love flexibility & spontaneity!! Only Justin had been there before, so it was new for most of us! What a breath-taking place to visit!We spent most of that day walking trails, rock climbing, taking the tram, and lingering at different viewpoints along the way....what a brilliant canvas of color and shadows!! We also got to see some elk, deer and wildlife along the trails. It was so amazing!

It was a cold & windy winter day - but so beautiful!!

We rode the tram all the way to the end of the line - where we sipped hot chocolate to stay warm. It was so peaceful - since there weren't many people at all.

We even got to watch the sun set, turning the canyon all shades of gold & orange! Here is our clan - after a long day of road-trip and hiking around the trails of the Grand Canyon! Wow - what an amazing sight to witness!!

....now we drive on towards Durango, Colorado!!