the Great Wall

We are off!! Our little family is taking a winter break - traveling to America for 3 months to be with family & friends over the holidays! We are SO excited! We are all packed...and ready for our 16 hours of flight time and reunion on American soil. But first, we have a short layover in Beijing - and an opportunity to see one of China's most famous wonders - The Great Wall!! (Cháng Chéng 长城)

We had the entire day to explore! We chose the Mutianyu (south east) section of the Wall, which sounded more remote, mountainous & surrounded by forest, so that we could walk this section with the kids. To get up to the Wall you could hike uphill, or take a cable car (which sounded appealing with three littles).

It was a very cold day, but we came prepared! The girls loved the cable car ride, and were great hikers/joggers all along the steep, winding, stone walkways. Sydney was the youngest walking visitor we saw all day!! We definitely took snack breaks, photo breaks, potty breaks and pep-talk breaks....but the girls made it!!
The Great Wall is compared to a great dragon winding its way over the mountains. It was definitely impressive!!

Some of the stairs were half as tall as Sydney. She was such a trooper!

We must have hiked thru at least 7-9 of these parapets (watchtowers/barracks) which were used as signal towers when enemies were in sight.

It was breath taking to see up-close this massive structure that was built so long ago. The visit was incredible!!

Now for the next flight across the Pacific Ocean. America, here we come!!