our first bit of winter....

This is actually our 2nd snow of the year - but the first one that really stuck. It will melt away soon, but managed to last for about a week. Winter is right around the corner....and we are always bundled up when we go out now. We still haven't worn long-johns yet, but we are always asked by our neighbors if we are cold! The first snow is always exciting - wherever you live! Lots of kids run around throwing bits of powder & ice chunks, frolicking in the mounds of snow piled up on the hillsides. I love the crisp air and wearing a warm scarf.

Our apartment is warming up a little - the radiators are warm but not much. We have a few radiator leaks which need repair, though I am not sure it can be done before we leave. I will just put buckets under the valve and hope they hold. :) We have a friend who will check on them for us too, and water my 4 plants.

We won't experience much of the winter this year - since we are traveling to America shortly! We are very excited to see family & friends, and get a break from the cold for a bit. I love California winters! We will be busy packing and saying our goodbyes the next few days....and then boarding an airplane for Beautiful-Country (America in Chinese is literally Mei 美 = beautiful, Guo 国 = country)! Hopefully we can cross paths with many of you along the way!

Goodbye winter in Urumqi! Have fun without us!! We will miss you!