first week in America after 2+ years

(well, only 2+ years for the girls & Justin - Ali came 15 months ago for a wedding!)

We have landed in America friends!!
The flight was one of the worst I can remember, but I choose to forget those details and rejoice in the comforts of our homeland. The air is so fresh and the sky is so spacious and blue. Cars drive so fast, and the roads are wide and marked so clearly. FOOD!! Food is so tasty and there is variety everywhere! We have especially missed you Avocado & Salmon.

Can I just tell you how much we love car seats? These things are for more than just safety, friends! I (the momma) can actually sit in a car and look at the scenery with my arms free. I like the freedom for a bit, and the peace of mind knowing the girls are strapped in safely (especially when these crazy Americans drive so speedily)!

Also, water pressure is a given. I just love that small fact.
We also LOVE the sprawling green grass!!...that you can walk on!!
America, we have missed you!