pre-birthday park party!!

Our littlest munchkin is turning FOUR in 2 weeks! We decided to throw a last-minute party for Santa Cruz family & friends - since will be traveling cross-country the day after Thanksgiving! Huge thanks to Jill & Laura (and Facebook) for the motivation & help, and to my momma for making heaps of cupcakes! Here are some highlights of our day at the park!!

The girls loved making friends (again) with old pals...and playing all over the park! Thanks to everyone who joined the festivities to celebrate little Sydney. She felt very loved!

SoCal Doans + China McNabbs

Sam + Emory + Lily + Eden
(these three girls were instant buddies)

more cute kids!
Holtzclaws + McNabbs

We love you Sydney!!
Thanks to all our friends for coming to our spontaneous celebration @ the park!