a special gift

Asia just finished a project she has been working on for a few weeks now, and she wanted to give it away to her buddy Andrew. That is why she chose this great brown yarn - since he likes darker colors. I had to take a picture of this since she is giving it away...like right now!! It's so wonderful to watch her create and share. She is always thinking of her friends, and I know she is going to miss them while we travel. She is such a compassionate & loving little girl, and very attached to her loved ones. I love that she is growing in generosity too.

She also attended her first "group sleepover" at her Finnish friends' homo where they meet for a crafty class each week. Our friend is so brave & energetic to take on four little girls for the night! She had them over for dinner, crafts, a movie, dessert & the sleepover, plus morning activities too. Asia had such a great time with her friends - and we are so thankful for these blessings in her life. It was truly international - Korean, Canadian, Finnish and American, plus 4 beloved baby-dolls. :)