simple conversations at the playground

Across the street from where we live, there is another apartment building that has a *great playground area for the kiddos. With the warmer weather, its been fun to get out more and make new friends. One reason this playground is so great - is that it has *swings!! Swings seem hard to come by in this country. Granted, the seats are heavy metal - and you have to really watch the munchkins, but what can beat swinging high in the sky above tiled concrete? :) The girls love our daily outings. They are learning to cross the street carefully, take turns with other kids, understand more Chinese, and smile/interact with neighbors. And I am enjoying my simple conversations with the kids that crowd around to ask me insurmountable probing questions.

Where do you come from? (Mei Guo = 美国 = America)
Are these your kids? All THREE of them?
How old are you?
Do you live here?
Do you rent or own your apartment?

How much is your rent?
(this is a typical one!)
Do you want more kids?
Don't you want a BOY?
Can I have one of your kids?
(I think this is a joke, but everyone asks)
Are you afraid that someone will take one of your kids? (I wasn't, before that question)

And my favorite conversation from yesterday:

little Chinese boy: Is that one a boy or girl?
me: She's a girl. <smile & pause> Are you a boy or girl? <my attempt at a joke>
little Chinese boy: Boy.
<awkward pause>
me: (laughing) I was just joking. I know you are a boy!
little Chinese boy: he begins to laugh, then says: Look at that fat boy. He is very fat!