incredible connections

When the idea of starting an Ice Cream business was presented to us months ago (Sept 07) we could never have imagined meeting Mr. Millionaire (we are keeping his identity private for his sake). He's a gifted entrepreneur, wise in his business dealings and smart beyond his years.

A few days ago - our business partner and I went to meet with this man to learn about future distribution and marketing. When we got there, this man had sent a car to pick us up!! That's service! He took us on a tour of his brand new 7 million dollar factory (one of four) which is a lot for a factory in these parts. Then we met in his office which was filled with hundreds of books on Western business practices. He gave us some great advice for marketing our ice cream and the market positioning we might want to pursue. He was a really nice guy and we were thankful for his advice, since we know very little about what we are doing. It was interesting to see the big business side of this place where we live. In the end, we said goodbye, talked about playing ping-pong together soon and were sent off in one of his new SUVs to take us wherever we wanted to go.