out on a date

We have a wonderful Indian friend who watches the girls for us every so often so we can go on a date. The girls love when we go on dates, even if we are only running errands, going grocery shopping, or to a random hardware store. Its all a 'date' to them! They have a blast with our friend - and she cherishes them! She is such a gift to us too!

Today we visited the ice cream shop - which is being gutted and cleaned out TODAY!... later walked to the bank, and to a yummy cafe for lunch. We fit a lot into three short hours, but its so nice to explore the city just the two of us. We also grabbed some sticky rice from a Uyghur vendor on the street. These ones are filled with all sorts of goodies - dates, raisins, or beans, wrapped in banana leaves. It comes served on a chopstick, rolled in sugar.