concrete jungle beauty

We live on the 8th floor of a large apartment building now. This brings a new perspective on the city, and if you lean off the balcony at the right moment you can see this:
We are higher than many of the other buildings/apartments on this end of town, so we can see lots of rooftops, traffic jams, kids walking home from school, snow-capped mountain silhouettes, and concrete jungle sunrises & sunsets. We also get a nice breeze - which helps....since the temps are reaching into the 90's already.

The nearest major street is called Xing Fu Lu (幸福路) which means Happy Road. Also, just last week - our business partners found out that their apartment was sold and they had to move (gotta love the last minute changes here) so they began looking on this side of town. Low and behold - there is our exact apartment available 2 doors down the hall! Long-story-short: they moved in fast....and now we have Happy neighbors too. Its a wonderful gift - they have three kids (almost the same ages) and we all share the loves of ice cream, Settlers, China and many other Californian novelties. Now we can share the woes of old funky apartments too.