bootie Nai-nai (奶奶 = grandma)

There is a precious older lady (Nai-nai) around the corner who sits along the sidewalk to sell her random wares almost every day. She sells shoe liners, hair clips, combs, fly-swatters, purses and these sweet hand-knit baby booties. I have stopped to talk to her on many different occasions, as she is always commenting & admiring our THREE little blonde girls with blue eyes and white skin. She didn't want to be in the photo....

But on this momentous occasion - I bought a pair of her unique booties to send to my first nephew - born on May 5th in Hawaii. My little (well, ok - younger) brother & wife just welcomed their second child 13 days ago! I was hoping to have a picture to post here, but not yet. His name is Uriah Evan - and he weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces! We cannot wait to hug him in person - as we already love him so much! His big sister Arin is already three-and-a-half! We miss you all, and we hope you love your package from the Orient!