"I'm free!"

translation: I'm three!
It's incredible how fast our little Eden Sofia has grown, and what a beauty (inside & out) she has become. She teaches us so much about life, love and having the wonder of a child. This day was all about HER - the fish-themed party, the goodies, candles, puzzles, legos, cars that go vroom, octopus/ocean games, banana ice cream on a cone and (even) chocolate cereal. She asked me twice today to tell her the story of how she was born (this wasn't the first time!) and she listened intently to every detail. I love telling it to her, because she really is a miracle - and I want her to know how special and cared for she is. What a sweet gift to our family: her spunk, energy, sense of adventure, easy-going-attitude, yet unfailing determination definitely challenge our socks off. She is full of strengths and character and pure JOY that is such a delight to her fumu 父母 (parents). Happy birthday my curious monkey!