Happy Labor Day (weekend)

May 1st is Labor Day across China (but we are still celebrating on the 3rd). Some people celebrate all week long, as it has been called a "golden week" to encourage people to travel during this week off. Many people take this time to visit family, museums, parks and relax with friends.

Most "laborers" get the day off work (unless they work in retail, food or tourism) on May 1st. The streets are crowded and full of life & color. All the parks officially open for the Spring/Summer seasons, and the crowds are out in full force. And yes, we decided to brave the masses - making a visit to a favorite park.

With three little girls - we can tend to be one of the "main attractions." We are constantly followed by a crowd with cameras, cell phones - all wanting pictures of the white kids. We may know a smidgen of what celebrities feel like when followed by the Paparazzi. Today - Asia was amazing when dealing with the crowds: she was determined to have a better attitude, and just ignore all the attention. I was so proud of her choices today, as she really abhors the crowds and lack of personal space.

We found some open space to run, explore and blow bubbles in the breeze, away from the majority of the crowds. We ate a yummy lunch of Polo and Kebabs - and rode on the Carousel & Bumper boats.

We also met a few locals with their precious kids while exploring the park....and the girls couldn't leave without trying the cotton candy. Happy Labor Day!