a pause to remember

China has declared the next three days national time to mourn. Starting today (Monday May 19th) and the following two days, we will take a moment to honor the memory of those who lost their lives in the earthquake. At 2:28pm everyone will stop (traffic included) for 3 minutes of mourning. In America this would mean silence, but in China this means the honking of horns and the blaring of sirens - in a "wail of grief." Buses stop along the road, and all passengers stand up. Some remain silent, while sirens at nearby gas stations blare. Everyone on the street stops what they are doing, and they take time to honor those who died and mourn the loss. Even the Olympic torch relay will stop for these 3 days.

It was just one week ago at 2:28pm when the earthquake struck, and we hear the situation is now in recovery/rebuild mode....and not so much rescue anymore. This is a hard thing for many to accept. I can't even imagine.