mom's can change the world....

Mom's are amazing, and they have the best opportunity to impact the world as they nurture & pour their love & life into the children entrusted to their care! I distinctly remember when I was 15 years old - an older woman that I deeply respected, shared with me how she was so thankful to be a mom, and to raise her kids to reflect the character and call on their lives. That was a revolutionary idea to me. I had never heard anyone so focused on the task of motherhood. Now I understand her heart, and I am inspired each day to serve & shepherd the little ones in my life - and be a mom that makes an eternal impact on this world. When you imagine all the moments and hours that are poured into these little lives, it challenges me to assess my heart - and rise to the challenge to be a mom/wife/daughter/woman that lays down her life for those she loves. My three little girls will know me better than most people on this earth, and they are my most precious disciples. I love seeing the amazing ways they have been uniquely knit together - and how their personalities and hearts will be used to make a change on this planet. I absolutely love being their momma, and I love my mom's.

Here are some ways MOM'S* can leave a lasting impact: building security, identity, compassion & empathy, selflessness, tenderness, modeling a nurturing heart, a servant-heart, responsibility, dependence on God & hearing His voice, strength & sensitivity, being adventurous, playful, creative, energetic, fruitful, productive, kind, inspiring, devoted, prayerful, gentle, exemplary, a good listener, able to smile at challenges, insightful & wise, instilling value, setting boundaries, speaking with kind words & attitudes, problem-solving, giving unending love & grace, being available: teaching, cherishing, encouraging, listening, comforting, forgiving, showing patience, & giving the best hugs & cuddles.
*Everyone can impact the world, not just momma's!