Uriah Evan.....and family!

About 1.5 months ago - the newest member of our family was born! I was recently sent some photos from my parents' trip to Hawaii to welcome the little guy. Here are some great glimpses of our family on a different side of the globe.

BIG SISTER: Arin Lyn - 3.5 yrs old (our niece/cousin)

BABY BROTHER: Uriah Evan - 1 week old (the first nephew!)
...could he get any cuter??

FATHER & DAUGHTER: Ali's younger brother Ian, with his daughter
The Army has him in tip-top-shape!! ...and hair-free.
FATHER & SON: such a proud daddy!
Happy Father's Day brother!!

MOTHER & SON: Arienne & baby Uriah!
The Hawaiian sun has brought out her freckles! :) What a beautiful momma!
We miss you guys!