almost done!!

It has been about 1 week since our shop was gutted - and the transformation process has been fast and educational. Besides all the kinks, it looks pretty amazing!! Here are a few of the changes that we've been working on:
  • upgrading the electricity
  • fixing the leaks in the back wall and ceiling
  • new tile on walls & floor
  • painting ceiling
  • new storefront & windows
  • building dividing wall between service counter & kitchen
  • purchasing ice cream machinery
  • shopping for kitchen appliances & supplies
  • securing ingredient & packaging suppliers
Day two:
insulating back wall, mixing cement
Day 5:
new tile, electricity upgrade
installing new storefront
Day 8:
installing door, new front tiles!!
In the next few days they will do some final touches with the plumbing & light fixtures, put up a red awning and our new sign! These pictures make it look kinda small - which it is. You also can't see the floor, which is black & white checkered, similar to the front wall - but larger. It looks really snazzy. We will be sure to include a picture of the end result soon.

Next steps: installing the kitchen, buying supplies & raw ingredients, testing our recipes in the new machines, continued research, and the biggie: our health inspection & quality control testing. We will also be working on the sign out front, cartons/labeling and more to come. Having a tangible place has made the excitement grow!!