in the way.....

As our ice cream shop gets closer & closer to production readiness, we are finishing the remodeling, buying our equipment, finding suppliers, etc. It is never dull, as I am learning new things every day and encountering new challenges as well. In fact, it seems that at just about every turn we are faced with another challenge; some minor, some major. Here is a picture of the finished shopfront! We still need to outfit the kitchen and sanitize the work area! The picture below is both an example and a word-picture of our challenging experiences thus far.

Today I went down to the shop to receive the delivery of our kitchen sink as well as pick-up of another item that was delivered not as ordered. Upon arrival, we find a CAR parked less than a foot from our door…

No owner in sight
No way to move the car (we tried)
No way to open the door enough to get anything through it.

Normally, this might not be so challenging, except that it is not always so easy to reschedule these delivery guys for a suitable time. This is such a good word-picture of our business experience thus far, in that there always seems to be something blocking our way. We are constantly required to make adjustments, be flexible, have patience, and learn new ways of doing (or getting around) things.

There is literally enough room to squeeze by the car. Just barely.