a traditional Uyghur restaurant

Its somewhat embarrassing - but this is the first time (in 2 years) we have gotten to dine at this famous Uyghur restaurant in town - called 'Jam' correctly pronounced 'Jahm.' It was so much fun, and I think now that the girls are older - we were able to enjoy the entire experience more!!

When you walk in the door, you are formally greeted by the doorman dressed in traditional attire "Asalamualekum" and a courteous nod and hand on his heart. We walk up the marble steps and another man awaits to pour water from a copper pitcher over your hands. Another fellow hands you a steamed towel to dry them with. There are traditional tables & chairs OR there are raised beds with cushions & pillows to recline at. The interior is ornately decorated, and the tile floor is brightly colored. There are white pillars and balcony seating above, all facing a dome-style stage.

We sat opposite the stage area - with great views of the musicians and dancers (which came later). We ate Laghman (homemade noodles with lamb & vegetables), Polo (carrot & rice dish), Pumpkin dumplings, Walnut & date-filled rolls, Lamb kebabs on a bamboo skewer, and even broccoli. The entire dinner only cost less than $14 which was incredible, for our family of five! This is one of the more expensive places to eat.

Part way thru dinner, a group of male musicians took the stage with their instruments. Music & dance are a special part of Uyghur culture - so this was fun to watch. A young lady danced to some of the songs, as did a few of the older men (in full beards!) and a guy with two long knives.

The same girl danced with teacups on her head. That takes talent! Our three little girls were mesmerized by her colorful flowing dress and beautiful moves. They were all bouncing and wide-eyed with awe. If you come visit, we will be glad to share the experience again!

For your viewing pleasure - here is a short video of similar music & dance at the exact spot, by some other dude. Its a true taste of Uyhgur culture and music. You might get mesmerized too.