ADIL Circus of Urumqi!!!!

Being the spontaneous family that we are, we decided to go to the circus at dinner time (6pm), and made it there by 7:25pm, with three boisterous munchkins, across town in a taxi! It was an adventurous evening - complete with popcorn, clowns, acrobats, tight-rope walkers, multicultural dancing, magic tricks, juggling, acrobatic poodles and a black bear that jumps rope. The Ringmaster was this "funny man" (named by Asia) dressed like a clown that had Asia & buddy Andrew busting up all night, even though he was speaking in Uyghur.

Asia & Eden were mesmerized by all of the different acts, and wide-eyed with wonder at all the lights & excitement. Asia loved the princess costumes and the poodles that played dead, and Eden loved the tight rope walkers and the bear. Sydney wasn't herself: I think the clowns freaked her out!

Here is a short video clip of some of the dancers and acrobatic flips. Some of the acrobats look so young!!

The Circus is here year-round, not a traveling one - so I guess we could go more often. It was a late night for all of us, but a fun/spontaneous way to celebrate Father's Day together!