south park

The summer weather is upon us, which makes life hot, sweaty, and slow. Because we live in the middle of the arid desert we take every chance we get to go outside and visit green parks - while living in the city. This past weekend we took a much needed break from the business-busy-ness, to visit a new park. The old Urumqi Zoo (Dong Wu Gong Yuan 动物公园) has now become South Park (Nan Gong Yuan 南公园). Our family pedaled around the park on bicycle to get an overall tour, and then we watched the swans & ducks while eating some picnic snacks.

The family bike: I think we could have fit at least three more people!
We had a blast navigating the sidewalks and walkways of this old park, exploring and sightseeing the entire place. S&E got the best views!

Four xiao haizi (little kids 小孩子) watching the ducks and white swans.
Mei-mei (little sister 妹妹) enjoyed making friends too.