out and about with the ladies

Auntie Jenny has been teaching the girls lots of new things:
About make-up, fashion & style
Hip words like 'awesome', 'peace out', 'oh boy' & 'stinky feet!'
About the importance of reading books & being creative
About having a vivid imagination
How to laugh away any frustration
To think of others first

Here are some highlights of the last 7 days....

Shopping with the girls
cheap foot massages for the ladies
Uyghur part of the city, with sneezing camel
Erdaoqiao bazaar & baby camel
Asia & auntie Jenny near the minaret downtown
riding in speedy taxi's
...AND tonight she watched all three girlies while we went out to dinner. It was the first time we'd been out alone since Sydney was born. We feel so refreshed and encouraged to have her in our midst. She is such a treasure!