birthday week.

It really hit me this week when Asia turned FIVE!! (5 sounds so old to me) She is so much more independent than I take the time to realize....she's her own little person with strong opinions and ways of doing things. She loves to direct and lead and make choices for herself. She's a wonderful helper, and enjoys being mommy's shadow about the house. She's also very sensitive and compassionate, with more empathy than most. She loves to worship & express herself thru art/dance. She is learning so many things right now: she asks great questions and remembers tiny details. We cherish all the unique qualities that make her ASIA, and we are SO thankful for this beautiful gift in our lives. Happy Birthday Asia-bug!

For her birthday - she woke up to waffles with strawberries & candles on top! We planned a trip to a pool (outside the city) with picnic foods and little friends. Later this week, we have a real party with more people and dessert (her favorite part).