two new drinks in our city

Let me introduce you to some new varieties of drinks that are now available at my local XiaoMaiBu (小卖部 tiny convenient store, downstairs!): Badam Nut Drink and Victory Vitamin!

BADAM NUT DRINK: This tasty drink comes in a glass bottle, which is nice. Its very nutty in flavor, kinda like a watery almond milk - but pretty sweet. A little earthy too.

VITAMIN WATER: I am still not sure of the actual flavor or this light pink drink - but it tasted like a twist of the Vitamin Water (in the States) and a strong Lemonade. A slightly watery lemonade - with some extra vitamins to make you feel better. There are lots of flavors/colors to choose from.

Anyhow, its nice to have some new flavors to choose from!!