welcome home!!

Yes!! We made it!! It feels like Christmas as the girls remember their rooms and toys and books. They are enthralled with being home again, which is so lovely. And, we are SO tired & groggy. More like exhausted. We can barely stay awake during the day, and wide-eyed at 2am. I can't seem to adjust to this new (opposite) time zone. Also, we re-inherited our orange kitty - Sushi!! Our local friend decided she couldn't take care of her anymore. That was unexpected. We also came back to a dusty apartment....in desperate need of some deep cleaning! Fun!

Eden was in heaven with Sushi back again. Even with her slight cat allergies - she wants to be holding Susu any chance she gets. I (on the other hand) am ready to find her another new home since she attacks my feet in the middle of the night, when I wish I was sleeping. Crazy cat.

The weather outside is freezing cold, and it's snowing again today. Beautiful white flakes that show the intricate designs of each flake when it lands. Huge flakes. This weather doesn't really bother me, since I love the chance to get cozy indoors, unpack, get organized, and figure out a new rhythm for life here. It takes awhile to remember how to cook from scratch again, stock my pantry, and get utilities back up and running smoothly. The dust needs wiping too. But the snow just makes it peaceful. Like I can ease back into normal life without all the rush. Just enjoy the moment and watch the flakes fall.

Off to make some hot chai with honey & milk. Home.