goodbye america

the view from the house we stayed @ in Santa Cruz for 6 weeks!
Yes, that is the ocean!

Yup, that time has come. We are mostly packed, doing last minute errands, cleaning, and spending every waking moment with loved ones...before we board that huge airplane and fly across the Pacific. It doesn't feel completely real yet, but I can tell that my emotions are often guarded, or the other extreme: RAW! I am tired of saying goodbye. I think we have said more 'goodbyes' than any normal person has done in their lifetime...and I'm young!! This is most likely the hardest part of living overseas. I love my life, but it has its hard parts too. Just keeping it real!

the view of the terraced garden! = so peaceful!

I find myself taking lots of pictures, wanting to capture those last moments just sitting around, being together. I definitely feel surrounded by incredible love and encouragement and support. Then my mind is racing with thoughts of items I still haven't purchased to stock up on... but I need to just relax. It will all come together with time to spare, right?? Being with people is most important. :)

So many people have gone out of their way for us this trip! Gift cards, food, gas money, a beautiful home, a minivan to borrow, hand-me-downs, homemade gifts!, chiropractic visits - just to mention a few! Thank you to a community of friends that are really family. I will miss you dear friends: for seeking to know me deeply, asking hard questions, and taking the time to be real. I will miss you too, California: your fresh ocean air, healthy foods, variety, green open spaces, sandy beach, and so much more. But I shall see you ALL again in a few years. (sniff sniff)