day o' love 2011

For the love of all holidays and celebration: we (as in Ali, the momma) tend to go all out: for the memories, for the traditions, for the pure joy of celebration. The girls love it too. We made 21 Valentines for other kids. We drew, cut, wrote loving notes, and drew pictures all morning. It was fun! We chose our favorite party clothes in all shades of pink...for a sweet Valentine Party with friends.

The girls loved every moment. The strawberries, the cupcakes, the crafts & fruit loop necklaces, the book exchange, the Valentine mailboxes....every detail was so perfectly planned.

Thank you Jana (and Matt for planning the man-date) for such a special day!! As we get nearer to our departure, we try to bask in each moment with friends - not wanting to miss anything. Only 5 days before we depart....and we are so FULL with love for our amazing friends. We miss you already.

(and now we must start packing!!)