travels: just 36 hours. easy-peasy.

After goodbyes are over...traveling isn't so bad. With more practice, it keeps getting easier. Plus - the girls each got a new carry-on, filled with their own special items for the flight(s). They were so proud (and giddy) to wheel their own stuff around the terminals.

On the first flight we even got comments from people sitting around us, that our kids were such easy-going travelers. We were so amazed ourselves! They are world travelers, so I think they are just used to long, cramped flights: not anything special we have done. But it doesn't hurt to be prepared with games, toys, snacks and surprises. This was by far, our best family traveling experience to date.

Asia was quite entertained by her new Journal (a gift) that taught her how to draw Mehndi Art. She literally drew for a hour. Lots of squiggles, curly-ques and swirly lines. I had no idea she could learn it (and love it) so fast. Thank you Dawn+Ella!

The girls also slept for a good chunk of time, sprawling wherever they could ...we all got some needed shut eye. :)

We stayed overnight in Beijing since we got in so late, and had to catch the next flight in the morning. In the morning we had the buffet breakfast - which consisted of tofu, spicy veggies, white rice, tuna dumplings and over-hard boiled eggs. We weren't so daring, but opted for toast and rice. We were all laughing when we realized there was toast, but no knives to spread the butter. The next best thing: a chopstick of course!! Yes, we are back in China!!

Here we are, waiting for our shuttle to the airport (for flight #2) - bright and early. I was scolded a few times for letting the girls take off their bulky winter attire. Not enough layers. :) Yes, we are back in China!!

In the terminal, we used our new-to-us iphone to call uncle Jason on skype for the first time overseas!! It worked!! Now I just need to find a way to unlock it so I can use it in China!!

And since I know you were dying to see what kinds of meals are served on flights in our beloved country....I took a picture for ya. They were out of the "beef dish" so we got some sort of seafood+veggie stir fry with rice, as well as red bean paste in a bun, plain yogurt, melon, and some gelatinous meat dish over cold noodles. Let me just say, I am so glad we brought our own snacks. Justin was the only daring one. :)

But we finally made it!! ...all 8 pieces of luggage, all our layers and happy to be HOME! Now if only jet-lag were this easy!! :)