the dentist!!

Why do dental cleanings get put off till the last minute?? Ahhh...

Thankfully, we have an incredible dentist who understands our time constraints and is so helpful to get all three girls in together. They all get a bit nervous but our dentist is so patient, calm and talkative with the girls as they sit in her chair. She explains everything before she does it, which really helps! We are very thankful!

Sydney had a small cavity in one of her teeth that had chipped last year. It was so small that the dentist drilled it out without any Novocaine, and filled it so fast. Sydney was holding her breath and squeezing daddy's hand...but she stayed so still & calm during the entire thing. It was amazing to see such a little girl being so brave in that huge chair, with equipment being shoved into her tiny mouth. She's a trooper!

All the girls got to take home new toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss of course! Ever since the visit, Asia reminds us ALL to floss almost daily. She is our little rule-keeper and reminder of all things important. She is wonderful. They all are...and now they have clean-cavity-free teeth for at least 2 years. :)

We love you Dr. Torres!!