Nana + Poppa = Nanpop. We weren't able to take another trip to visit their home in the hills, so they came to us!! We tried to fill our 48 hours to the brim with leisurely fun, playing together outside, and laughing as much as possible. It worked!!

We spent one day @ Wilder Ranch climbing trees, fences & tractors and also petting the Clydesdale horses. It was such a gorgeous day....the weather was perfect.

We then went north near a small town called Costanoa, to play at the beach...and the beach was empty, just waiting to be discovered. We were surprised to discover 2 beached elephant seals, resting from the winter waves. It was incredible (one was injured and hidden in a rocky cove, while the other one was shy & sleepy up the creek)! We definitely kept our distance.

...waves were waiting to be jumped.
...rocks were waiting to be appreciated.
...cliffs were waiting to be scaled.

...and Mr. Elephant seal was sleepy.

The next day we all went to Roaring Camp for a picnic. It was so peaceful...just the rustling wind in the trees, and the occasional chug & whistle of the train. Its good to find times of pure quiet. I know I will miss this when I am back in noisy China. We fed the ducks, played tether ball (Nana has major skills!) and ate delicious picnicking foods in the sunshine. E&A loved playing with their new walkie-talkies, like they were spies. It was just plain FUN.

Thanks for making the drive here to spend with us!! We all had such a wonderful time together, and we cherish you!! Maybe our next big reunion can be on this side of the globe??